Rauma’s English Kindergarten (Enkkutarha) provides activities that support the development of children. We use both Finnish and English. Our aim is to awaken interest in a new language.

DSC_6126The purpose of Rauma’s English Kindergarten, in addition to introducing the children to the the English language, is to provide:
– quality daycare in a safe, accepting environment that supports every child’s individual growth and needs
– a sense of succeeding through play activities
– an environment where the children hear English, enjoy hearing it and use it according to their abilities.

Our work method is language shower, which is a lighter DSC_6175version of language bath. In early childhood education the language shower mostly consists of songs, rhymes and learning everyday phrases with the language in question. Occasionally we arrange “English Days” when we use English more and expand our vocabulary. Our native speaker uses only English with the children.

Language shower is less all-encompassing than language bath. It provides children with the opportunity to get to know the basics of the language. It is not important how much the child learns to produce the language but what they can understand and remember later. It is more likely that it will be easier for the child to learn the language later on if they are exposed to it at this stage in their development.

An English-speaking child can be at a language shower daycare and learn Finnish with the language shower method. Bilingual children can also participate in language shower.

We provide pre-school (starting in August) for children that are or will be six years old by the end of the year.